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Marketing – Photo Booth Cab hire adds a spark to your Corporate Event

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Do you need to get your Brand message across at a Corporate Event such as an Exhibition, Brand Launch or Show? If your objective is to engage with your target audience directly then you need to dare to be different!

Creating a buzz at your event

To stand above your competition consider an iconic London Taxi, converted into a Photo Booth, it will help you to create a real (and measurable) buzz with all your event attendees.

What’s more, due to the wonders of modern technology we can collect valuable ‘marketing friendly’ data at the event for you too. The data that can be collected includes Email addresses, Photographs of attendees, animated GIF’s (Photos stitched together into a mini-video), Social Media Shares, Contact details and much more!

Your Logo and Brand both on, and in, our cab!

Our Photo Cabs are easily customisable according to your Brand objectives. You can incorporate your Brand or Logo both externally and internally within our converted Photo Booth Taxis!

Twitter Hashtag’s etc. can be setup specifically for your event so that you can indeed spread the love out into the social blogosphere as your event proceedings take place. This goes towards helping you to fully engage socially with your target market and audience.

What type of visitor data can be collected?

You can collect emails, phone numbers and even responses to your own custom survey questions as part and parcel of the Social Media photo sharing process that takes place.

What image and video capture is possible?

You will be able to capture your guest’s videos, GIFs, and photos. And why not combine our PhotoCAB kiosks with professional photographers, Green Screen backgrounds for added fun and Social Photo Walls too?

Putting your Brand requirements first

With a Photo Booth hire you can customise a great many aspects of the whole event experience, both onsite and online. Everything can be focused on the needs that you have for your Brand! We will do our best by helping you to incorporate you Brand goals into the proceedings!

What event reporting is possible?

You will be able to see a real-time overview of all the photos, GIFS, Videos and associated data captured. This can also include all social shares, likes, mentions and follows, which you can evaluate during and post event. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others can all become part of your event in this way.

What setup is required?

Our PhotoCAB Photo booths can be easily set up to capture photographs, videos or animated GIFs. You can select the format that matches your brands event goals, or you can allow your visitors to choose the format they want on the touch screen once the images have been captured. The actual choice of setup is yours, as the event organisers and coordinators.

Photo CAB provides both Image capture and customisable layouts

In our specially modified Taxi Photo Booths you can capture just one or multiple photos of your guests; our software can then add your branding to create the final layout that you require. The photo booth can then be configured to use the photo layout of your choice, without user input, or you can let the user click through the available options once the images have been captured.

Share the love online

Once the images are captured they can not only be shared online to a variety of Social Media platforms but, if required, automatically printed out. We use high quality photo paper via our own dedicated professional Dye Sublimation photo printer located in the cab.

Photo Taxi HD Video Capture and recording

Our photo cab kiosk can capture high resolution HD video images. You will therefore be able to record reactions to your event and your Brand, capture Brand testimonials and related consumer stories. We often recommend setting up some form of video contest in order to enhance Brand engagement. Our software will also allow you to add additional video segments into the captured video in order to perhaps create branded commercials and stories for subsequent deployment.

If your visitors want to claim and use any captured images then you get their details!

Your attendees or consumers will also be able to ‘claim’ their video by submitting their Email, Mobile SMS, or special Event Access Cards, which they can then share to their social networks. The videos can also be shared by your brand on to your own social media channels such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

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